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Agile Development.

Web, Mobile, DevOps, SaaS & more.

Outsource your software development with us and see the change.

A Full Stack Agency

When it comes to your IT needs we have all talent under one roof. Be it Backend Engineers or Frontend Devs, Mobile App Developers or API Integrations, UI/UX, or AWS Architects, we have them all. 🙂

Custom Web Development

This is our specialty.
Your web ideas brought to life, seriously!

When we say custom web development, we are talking APIs, UI, Frontend, Backend, Mobile, DevOps. You name it, we got it.

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E-commerce Development

Have a store you want to launch? We got you!

Launching an e-commerce website is a big one. Coding & Designing is one thing, getting your products uploaded right is another. We take care of all of it. So you can go live within weeks not months.

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Meet Our Team

Always at Your Service

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Manpreet Kaur

Full Stack Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general project timeline?

Timelines are always based on the type of project we're working on and the scope of the project. 

  1. Ecommerce Web Development Usually 3-4 weeks to site launch with products uploaded and ready for ordering with online payments.

  2. Website Development ranges from 2 to 4 weeks including designing, developing, and content writing to launching with Secure SSLs.

  3. Custom Web & Mobile Development projects can range from anywhere between 4 weeks to 24 weeks. It all comes down to scope & technology.

What development/delivery cycle is right for my SaaS project?

When it comes to SaaS Development, there are various software development and delivery cycles that are prevalent. Incremental, Spiral, and Agile are some of the most popular methodologies. While one works for a consumer web product, the other might work for a web admin project. Don't worry, we'll help you decide that.

What are the various costing models you provide?

  • Per Project Model For projects which have a well-defined scope. It's when you need a project under a certain budget cap and a set timeline. Works well for most eCommerce & website projects.

  • Hourly Model For projects which require constant but sporadic work. Think of an outside hire but you pay-as-you-go. Works well for almost all projects.

  • Retainer Model For projects which need a set number of hours each month. Think of a permanent hire but part-time. Works best for eCommerce and Custom Web/Mobile projects which need regular maintenance & updates.

  • Frappe's Hybrid Model For clients who have a set budget for initial projects but eventually require tech resources on a retainer or pay-as-you-go basis. It's when you need the flexibility to scale up or down as per your project needs. Works best for SaaS & Custom Web & Mobile projects.

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